Make your way to global markets through Portugal with our full support.
GdP Accelerator is run by Pavel Erochkine
The GLOBALdePORTUGAL (GdP) Accelerator by Crown is focused on enabling the next generation of great founders and VCs to scale up their businesses by tailoring the Portuguese eco-system to become their launch-pad to the global markets.
About GdP Accelerator
We are looking for founders and VCs that have confronted all sorts of constraints and are looking for a breakthrough via relocating to Portugal or opening European HQs there.
We have a strong belief that exceptional talent can come from anywhere but that the magic happens when such people form real communities
The GdP Accelerator is designed to allow such people to raise capital, immerse themselves in the Portuguese eco-system and reach global players who share their values.
Our investors
The Crown Family Office, our parent, invests early in world-class founders tackling large, global markets and solving problems using technology and design.
We are proud to have leading investors, angels and founders from all over the world as investors into our startups and funds. We do not have and do not want any institutional capital but can and do help our ventures to raise money from leading global investors at the right time.
We see our job as helping you to realise your mission faster.
As a team coming from a family office, we will take care of all the details required to support those wishing to use Portugal as a launch-pad for their businesses or families.
We offer a full relocation service covering:
Immigration (including golden visas, residency, work permits)

Schools and universities placements

Property search & interior design

Recruitment of staff for your business and family (including nannies, drivers and housekeepers)

Events, including product launches

Tax planning & structuring
by GdP Accelerator
Join the crew and be part of a community building the next generation start-ups and VCs
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About Crown
The Crown Family Office is an independent multi-family office with headquarters in London, and affiliated offices in Geneva, Moscow and Singapore. We take a global view, both in our approach and our locations. We began life in 2000, as an M&A boutique; we then evolved over the years into a full scale multi-family office, which has been able to expand the team and the range of service as a result of merging with an immigration advisory business and an education consultancy.
The Crown Family Office has decided to launch a stand alone project in Portugal, which has recently started to attract the international attention it deserves. Since 2000, the Crown Family Office has helped its clients to grow and expand their businesses globally and we are now making our expertise available to entrepreneurs, start-ups and VCs from all over the world via our new satellite in Portugal.
We're experts in the changes that need to take place before you and your business idea can develop from nothing to something … with global traction.
We provide the infrastructure to support our founders, VCs and LPs
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